Mobile Interface | UI/UX
A 6-week long UI focused experience design project. In this project I explored data representation in a creative way.
RPI Partner Portal
Internship | Business Interface | UI/UX
A summer internship project at RPI print. In this project, I restructured the portal architecture to fit with current workflow. I also created a new design system that is efficient and easily upgradable.
Care Relationship Study
Design Research
A 10-week long UX research based design project. In this project I practiced extensively on research methods, qualitative data analysis, and speculative design.
IoT | UX
A 10 week design exploration. This is my first structured design project. In this project, I explored design in undefined interfaces that strengthen long distance emotional connections.
Adjacent User Privacy
UI/UX Research
An ongoing directed research focused on the defined design space of adjacent user privacy. In this team I focused on visual representation in app format that convey security and trust.
Privacy Mode
Care Study
Adjacent Privacy