ARISE is a location-based AR experience that augments people’s daily activities with AI contextual recommendations and immersive visual experiences.
3 months
In Class
AR Experience
My Role
I led this project throughout. As the first exploration on AR interfaces, I built 3D models, renderings, drew storyboards, and designed AR components.

Jade H.

Nolan K.

Hanna B.

At 7:30 am, Alex’s AR bracelet vibrates to gently wake him up. He has a busy day filled with classes, exams, club meetings, soccer practice and a late shift at work.
Alex sits up in bed, still tired from the day before. He puts on his AR glasses to see a relaxing view of Seattle right inside his bedroom. Watching his city from his bed, he takes a moment to meditate and clear his mind before his busy day begins.
As he gets out of bed, virtual rain begins to fall from his ceiling, revealing the not-so-surprising weather forecast for the day. He can feel the temperature and the impact of rain from the tactile bracelet.
Alex makes his way to the bathroom where he washes his face and brushes his teeth. His daily calendar appears in the bathroom mirror, giving him a moment to review his schedule for the day. He is thankful for the reminder to pack a snack because he will not have time to eat after class.
While in his closet, Alex’s mirror recommends some outfits based on today’s weather. Alex notices the indications above the clothing hangers for which shirts will keep him warmest. He gets dressed quickly and ignores the chore reminders he set for himself yesterday. Watering his plants and washing his clothes will have to wait another day.
Alex runs to the front door, worried that he will miss his bus. As he ties his shoes, Alex is notified that his bus will be arriving shortly. He grabs his backpack and raincoat before running to the nearby bus stop.
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