2023 UW Design Show
This is a fully delivered website with collections of all capstone projects and designer bios of the class of UW Design 2023.
3 months
In School
Delivered Project
My Role
I led the website team for the UW Design Show 2023 website. I was heavily involved with information architecture, visual coherence with class branding, and frontend development.

Oliver N.

Jayzee G.

Una Z.

Jonnie N.

This is the homescreen of the website. The silhouettes are x-acto cutouts of our graduation photos. They randomly generate and move top or down in the window. Clicking on the silhouette will take you to that designer's page.
The list of designers is presented horizontally in a gallery view. Viewers can filter them through different sub majors.
Designer's page includes the graduation photo and some descriptions. We also have work in progress photos below.
The list of designers is similar to the list of designers, presented horizontally in a gallery view.
Clicking in to the project page will reveal detail information of the projects.
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