A minimal system with physical bands or patches and in shop sensors that safeguards the post-vaccination experience for both consumers and businesses with ubiquitous computing.
*Vax Pass  may perpetuate the dangerous assumption that vaccinated individuals don’t spread COVID-19.

**We understand this, and we are designing for most cases in which the previous assumption is true.
Rannie L. | Una Z. | Jalen G.
Isabella C. | Zhengxuan J.
Tool Used
Adobe XD
Google Form
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Aftereffects
Initial Research
Photo Study
Competitive Analysis
Una Z. | Zhengxuan J.
Isabella C.
Zhengxuan J.
Rannie L.
Jalen G. | Isabella C.
Design & Prototyping
UX Design
Industrial Design
3D Modeling
3D Renders
Visual Design
User Journey
Rannie L. | Una Z. | Isabella C. | Zhengxuan J.
Rannie L. | Zhengxuan J.
Rannie L. | Zhengxuan J.
Zhengxuan J.
Zhengxuan J. | Jalen G.
Zhengxuan J.
Rannie L. | Una Z.
Project Duration: 3 months
1 - 6 weeks
7 - 10 weeks
User Research
We have gotten used to our lives with COVID, now can we create a smooth transition with the prevalance of vaccination?
Vaccines give people freedom to not wear masks, a safe and sure way to deliver vaccination information is needed.
Targeted User
Primary User
Vaccinated individuals needing to show vaccination status for mask free shopping.
Secondary User
Businesses who need to check on the vaccination status of the customers.
Excluded User
Unvaccinated individuals.
We created a 15-question survey and collected data from 23 individuals near the vicinity of UW.
willing to share their vaccination information with encounters.
willing to share their antibody test result if necessary.
would like information of or visit reopened businesses.
Under the context, we found it crucial to look over:
Hospitality involves treating and caring for customers and clients so that they'll continue using the business's services. If a business fails to treat its customers or clients with respect, it may struggle to generate sales.****
*Normally buisnesses would operate assuming the customers are honest and only taking precautions when dishonesty is found out.

**Our approach however prioritized the pass over the normal buisness operation. (instead of entering the shop freely, costomers are required to present their pass first)

***Adding this step in the whole shopping experience could create unnecessary conflict for shop employees.

****definition from website.
Then we dove deeper with more research...
Most restaurants and shops have already adopted measures to prevent the spread of COVID to protect staff as well as the customers. Businesses are willing to take the extra effort to be safe.
Different shops take different measures that harmonize with their own style. Our product should leave room for shops to customize to their environment.
Restaurants are willing to not provide indoor dining for unmasked individuals. Deliveries and outdoor dining is still available to these customers. Restaurants already have gates like apparatus to check in customers or prevent unwanted entry.
Catherine James
employee at PCC markets
Focusing on the shops and the employees’ reaction to the mask mandatory being lifted, we came up with a few questions and were lucky enough to have Catherine as our interviewee.
How does PCC currently verify that unmasked individuals are vaccinated?
“We literally have no way to verify, unless they tell us upfront. We’re not even allowed to ask them.”

“A lady called to complain about how employees still had to wear masks, she thought more of the employees would be vaccinated. People will specifically take off their masks just because they know they can in our store.”
How will you ensure that shoppers are vaccinated?
“There’s no way of checking. It’s been five days, and we’ve been told no protocol. They said that if we have concerns about customers, then we can tell our managers, but that’s it.”
If someone's unvaccinated and unwilling to wear a mask, what does that situation look like?
“We don’t have the ability to tell people to put a mask on because we’re not allowed to ask them. Back before the mask mandate got lifted, if we saw someone unmasked, we would offer them a mask to wear. If they refused, we would kick them out. Now all we can do is glare at people.”
Competitive Analysis
Here are four examples of vaccine verification solutions on the market as of May 2021.
CommonPass enables individuals to document their COVID-19 status to satisfy country entry requirements while protecting their health privacy.
Limited availability with selected partners

Use case limited in travel

No data privacy among flight companies

Weak identification recognition

Cellphone needed for all action
The passport currently allows citizens to access certain non-essential businesses including, hairdressers, beauty salons and driving schools.
Forced by the government

Easy to be faked on phone

Weak identification recognition

Cellphone needed for all action
Life is dictated by Health QR codes in China. Entering a shopping mall, park, or your office building now requires generating a green QR code using an app on your smartphone.
Inconsistency among provinces

Have to scan QR all the time (hospitality)

Weak identification recognition

Cellphone needed all the time
Get Back to Your Favorite Businesses and Venues with Digital or physical Proof of Your COVID-19 Vaccination or Negative Test Results.
Limited by state policy

Forced by the government

less elegant physical piece
How Might We
create a tangible and non-invasive verification system that allows fully vaccinated individuals to remove their masks in business establishments?
Design Principle
Tangible & Fashonable
Identification Recolonization
Non User Specific
Non-invasive Technology
Vax pass
1 × 0.2 × 3 cm
30 g
79.99 $
Utopia & Serious
The Pass
1. Scanner Array
The backplate comprises infrared LEDs, proximity sensor, CMOS sensor, and QI charging wires allowing fast vein pattern recognition and charging.
2. Antenna
The pass has Bluetooth LE and NFC antennas for in shop screening, cellular antenna for exchanging data only with CDC database.
3. Floating Logo
The logo is activated and will protrude out, creating a minimal tactile signal when a vaccinated individual is identified.
The Ban & The Patch
Modular design
The pass can be easily swapped between the bands and the patches, allowing more accessibility and customization.
Patches function as an alternative of the band. Users can stick the patch to wherever they want as long as the body part as vein pattern registered.
Room for Customization
Users can use different materials for the band to go with their outfit, switching between bands is equally easy
Vein Pattern Recognition
Scan wrist vein pattern with near-infrared light (requires no pairing)

Info stored as image and translated into encrypted code

The data will be sent to CDC via cellular connection

Check with vein pattern stored previously in CDC database

Vaccination status verified

Result sent back to Vax Pass
*Personal information and vein pattern information is not stored on the device, which means the pass only reflect the vaccination information of the user it's on.
**This design choice is made under the assumption that vein pattern information collection would be mandatory for every citizen.
***Image from web
Vax Pass Demo
Ecommerce Prototype
Tap or click to view
Situation at Shops
Business with complete surveillance system would be required to install a small Bluetooth signal sensor on each of their surveillance camera to receive vaccination status of shopping individuals.
Surveillance system use facial recognition to recognize unmasked individuals and if no Bluetooth LE signal about vaccination information was detected. That individual would be marked as unmasked and unvaccinated.

The system highlight unmasked and unvaccinated individuals so the shop security or manager can act accordingly.
For smaller shops, like in a gas station, the employee at the shop can usually keep track of all the customers at once.

In this case, they only need one camera with Vax Pass detection at the front door.

The system will alert the employee when an unmasked and unvaccinated entry is detected.
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