Let's Local
An app based interface that provide a new way for consumers to learn and explore local businesses.
Let's local introduces a new way for either local people to experience their small businesses or to give tourists reliable information if they decide to tag along with the local life.

*Physical mock-ups made in this page are from template found online.
Una Z. | Zhengxuan J.
Tool Used
Google Form
Adobe XD
Initial Research
Zhengxuan J. | Una Z.
Design & Prototyping
Experience Design
Interface Design
Zhengxuan J. | Una Z.
Zhengxuan J. | Una Z.
Project Duration: 1 week
1 - 3 days
3 - 6 days
User Research
The challenge is to design an accessible third-party app for Android mobile devices that highlight people’s favorite local and undiscovered small businesses.
Big businesses have unlimited marketing resources, where small businesses and freelancers have to keep hustling to continue revenue flow. Instead of promoting ourselves, how might we design a solution to empower the community to highlight small businesses and/or creators through a platform of discovery?
Targeted User
Primary User
People looking for unique local places to explore.
Secondary User
The local businesses who need to advertise their shops.
Our questionnaires are meant to gather general information from participants about their family recipes and eating habits.
Know at least one local business.
Learn about local business from family or friends.
Would like to explore for new small business experience.
Most people get to know local businesses through their friends or family. A fraction of the participants also go out exploring on their own. 
One possible disadvantage of local businesses is hard to reach.
The advantage of local businesses can be the experience, for local restaurants specially, freshness can also be an advantage. 
We found that people chose local businesses over big chains for humanistic reasons mostly, friends' recommendation, the unique experience of the shop and how the shops connect with local people’s life. We decided to build a platform in which users can share their curated local experiences in forms of trips. Instead of comparing price tags or freshness, local businesses are presented in their unique advantages.
User Flow
Let's Local
Smartphone App
220 MB
Free $
Baloo 2 Bold
Fresh & Explorative
Censor block provides safe recommendation environment for family as well as allows more mature contents for those who desire.
Recommending businesses in trips allows the user to explore on their own and connect more with the business environment.
Weather Suggestions help user to start planning the trip.
Rating system utilizes crowdsourcing to help the users to make mindful choices as well as keep the content quality acceptable.
Easy share content makes trip planning with friends easier.
Collection feature keep track of the trips and also incentivizes users to explore more.
Because of the limitation in time, we were unable to fulfill many aspects of this design. Here is how we will dive deeper.
From Usability testing, we found that the menu hidden with the profile page is not ideal for creating trip and searching visited place. Instead of allocating users' attention solely on the trip, a bottom bar is needed for convenience.
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